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What you should look for in a home security camera in Santa Fe

August 01, 2022
Security camera outdoors up close

So many homeowners in Santa Fe want to take a look what’s going on at their house when they are not home This is the main reason why security cameras are one of the smartest components to consider as you design your smart home’s security. Despite the fact that standalone cameras will be effective when configured correctly, they’re even more useful when incorporated into your home’s comprehensive system.

Are you wondering what to look for in a home security camera in Santa Fe? You’ll be glad to discover these vital devices include more benefits than ever before. You can view real-time streams from interior cameras or surprise intruders with built-in deterrent mechanisms from outdoor cameras. Just open your Vivint app or touchscreen hub and you’ll be able to direct all your security cameras.

Dynamic features bolster home security cameras in Santa Fe

Loaded with features and simple-to-use security cameras will raise your residence’s protection to a higher level. These vital parts of your security system may come equipped with an incredible array of features including bi-directional communications, motion detection, and customizable zones. Take a look at the available options here.

  • Forceful deterrents: Choose a camera that will react instantly. If odd movement is observed by the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro, a clear red ring will form around the camera’s lens and a loud warning will emit.
  • Night vision: Powerful IR night vision capability offers clear-cut images of your environs no matter the time of day. Your cameras will also sustain their crisp imaging as you zoom in on particular areas.
  • Video storage: Choose surveillance with recording and storage cloud options and the chance to review clips right from your cell phone app.
  • Smartphone app: Today’s home security cameras in Santa Fe are frequently linked to a helpful smartphone app. You have the opportunity to review live streams or recorded video and even activate or deactivate your security. The Vivint App will post a notification to your phone if there’s a triggered event.
  • Motion detectors: Integrated motion sensors prompts cameras to engage when strange movement is detected. You’ll even receive a message on your smartphone.
  • Converse with delivery people or family: Would you like to contact your children when they return from school? Do you have a visitor at your doorstep? Modern surveillance systems, such as the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro, provide convenient 2-way communications so you can chat with anyone within range of your surveillance device.
  • Field of vision: As a general rule, your outside video cameras should give you no less than a 120° view. As an example, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro provides 140° angle viewing.
  • Custom zone coverage: This convenience provides the opportunity to designate the exact area you want your camera to watch over. This is important to limit the activity you watch as you aren’t going to want alerts whenever a car drives by on the street.

Configure your own home security system

You now know what to look for in a home security camera in Santa Fe. All that remains is to get started on your custom Vivint smart home. Phone (505) 605-2552 to begin or fill out the following form to engage our security experts.